Shredding Bins

Shredding Bins

The Shredding Company offer a Shred Console or Wheelie Bin hire service to suit your requirements. We offer various sizes wheelie bins ranging from 240L to 1100L. The Shred consoles are aesthetically designed, as opposed to having a wheelie bin or shred sack in your office. We can offer ad hoc collections as required or regular collections on a specified day or date. For regular collections we would attend your site on the date specified, exchange shred bags/wheelie bins and proceed to destroy.

The process once you hire your shred console or wheelie bin:

A locked Shred Console or wheelie bin delivered to your premises.

Once the shred bags or wheelie bin is loaded, we will exchange at a specified date.

Your shred bags or wheelie bin is returned to our secure depot to be confidentially shredded.

All items are shredded to an unreadable size to avoid any paperwork being pieced together.

A certificate of destruction will be provided upon completion of shredding.

Once your items are shredded, they are recycled into low grade paper products.

Short Term Hire

Short Term hire is ideal for office clear-outs or if you need to confidentially destroy out of date documents/archives. At The Shredding Company, we can accommodate for anything from a few boxes to a few hundred boxes. Regardless of the quantity, this order can be placed online or discussed over the telephone on 01708 892704.

Delivery & Collection Postcode

Hire Start Date

Hire Duration

Shredding Bins

Shredding Bins

All shredding bins supplied are secure and lockable bins, made of durable plastic. We have a range of different size bins, 240 litres to 1100 litres. Our 240 litre bin contains a slot in the lid for ease of use.

240 Litre Bin
Hire cost of the bins are £1.00 each per week
plus £20.00 per bin for the contents disposal

240 Litre Bin

Product Code 240 Litre Bin
ex VAT
660 Litre Bin
Hire cost of the bins are £5.00 each per week
plus £50.00 per bin for the contents disposal

660 Litre Bin

Product Code 660 Litre Bin
ex VAT
1100 Litre Bin
Hire cost of the bins are £7.50 each per week
plus £80.00 per bin for the contents disposal

1100 Litre Bin

Product Code 1100 Litre Bin
ex VAT

Complete Peace of Mind

Sealed bags

CCTV in use

Tracked vehicles

Certificate of destruction issued

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Do you have your own boxes full of items to be shredded?

If you have your own boxes of items to be destroyed, simply click below to order a collection. We will collect your boxes, securely destroy them and then send you a certificate of destruction within 72 hours.

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